Alfredo Hoyos

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos is a plastic surgeon that more than 15 years has been deepened the technical knowledge in body contouring and high definition. With a static and dynamic anatomical approach, he approaches the curves of the human body in many dimensions.  He is the creator of HIGH DEF LIPO techniques.

With his vast experience and artistic sensibility, Dr. Hoyos is able to achieve a highly sculpted and aesthetically appealing body model.

Passionate for aesthetic medicine, besides a talented plastic surgeon he is a great artist. With and ability to build curves and sculpt muscles in a unique way.

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“First of all, have the desire to expand their scientific knowledge and want to learn new techniques to change the landscape of liposuction turning impossible cases into an everyday reality.

Second, it is important to know the technologies, the fundamentals, advantages, and disadvantages and have some experience in the proper way to use them

Third and the most important condition is to be trained in the HIGH DEF LIPO technique a/k/a LIPO HD  a//a H4DLIPO, to learn not only the theory but also to obtain a true practical experience under the guidance of experts”. TOTAL DEFINER WORLDWIDE.

TOTAL DEFINER Brazil is an international training organized by Núcleo Avançado em Cirurgia Plástica in a partnership with the Colombian plastic surgeon, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, who teaches the training. Dr. Hoyos shares his knowledge with his colleagues and that is how for several years he has trained countless plastic surgeons.

This is the list of Certified surgeons, expertises in HIGH DEF LIPO TECHNIQUE a/k/a LIPO HD  a//a H4DLIPO who have taken TOTAL DEFINER BRAZIL TRAINING.

Erechim / RS
Dr. Filipe Fuzinatto
Erechim / RS
Dr. Antonio Rinaldi
São Paulo / SP
Dr. Fernando Bianco
Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Dr. Eduardo Raulino
Blumenau / SC
Dr. Carlos Consalter
Chapecó / SC
Dr. Guillermo Di Biasio
Rosário / Santa Fé
Dr. Andres Bello
Cidade do México
Dr. Pablo Arrieta
Cidade do México
Dr. Neil Oropeza
Dávao / Filipinas
Dr. Edgar Lopez
São Paulo / SP
Dr. Rafael Tirapelle
Chapecó / SC
Dr. Daniel Deggerone
Erechim / RS
Dr. Augusto Pupio
Dr. Ícaro Samuel
Palmas / TO
Dr. Flávio Quinalha
São Paulo / SP
Dr. Luiz Henrique Favalli
São Paulo / SP
Dra. Liliana Oddone
Buenos Aires
Danilo Furlan
Limeira / SP
Florianópolis / SC
São Paulo / SP
São Bernardo do Campo / SP
Rafael Mello
Piracicaba / SP
Leopoldo Menezes
Volta Redonda / RJ
Rodrigo Reis
Maringá / PR
Daniel Botelho
Londrina / PR

Trained doctors

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Total Definer


Dr. Felipe Massignan is a Plastic Surgeon Titular member of Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica  (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery) and member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). He performed a fellowship about Ultrasonic Liposuction in Venezuela, Italy and Columbia. He has an artistic specialization that he performed at Florence Academy of Arts in Italy.

Dr. Felipe is the pioneer of High Definition Lipo and in the use of the third generation in ultrasound liposuction (VASER®) in Brazil. Currently he is the regent of body contouring chapter in the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

He is an enthusiastic medical doctor in his expertise, adding current technical concepts with artistic skills that have been developed since the beginning of his career. He always had a strong feeling of connecting medicine with art in general. Dr. Felipe currently has become a reference in the practice of body contouring and high definition surgeries.

In 2015, he began his collaboration with Dr. Alfredo Hoyos as director of Total Definer courses in Brazil, together they organize the most complete training for plastic surgeons in Brazil called TOTAL DEFINER BRAZIL.

Total Definer Brazil Training

São Paulo/SP - Brazil

It is a unique professional moment, that is, conceptual and technical growth, “odd” and consistent. 

It is a three day course, exclusively developed for plastic surgeons certified by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery or graduated by their home country. This is the most complete training for plastic surgeons that aims to teach surgical techniques hands on – high definition techniques in plastic surgery- as well as, the pre and post operative dynamic. It is the most complete training for plastic surgeons that aims to teach body contouring and high definition techniques.

Be part of this select group and become  TOTAL DEFINER Doctor.


  • Pre, intra and postoperative managements in body contouring in high definition;
  • Explore the properties of the ultrasound technology with the latest scientific “guidelines”and the practical learning for day by day;
  • Theoretical and practical planning of the liposuction in high definition in male and female patients;
  • Static and dynamic surgical markings;
  • Intensive hands-on with emphasis on the back, abdomen, glutes, arms, legs and chest. Fat Transfer in Gluteal Autologous Lipograft and Pectoral Dynamic Definition & Lipograft in Men (PLM);
  • Theoretical and practical learning with an approach of anatomical angles and shadows with multidimensional emphasis of body contouring;
  • Theoretical and practical management of the adhesion areas and skin retraction.

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Includes student material, food and transfer during the training and fee training. Does not include airplane fees or hotels.

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Why performing TOTAL DEFINER training By Alfredo Hoyos?

1 – Only training in Brazil focused on BODY CONTOUR and HIGH DEFINITION techniques with the master and creator of the High Def Lipo technique, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos.

2 – Improve technical skills as well as the learning curve.

3 – Develop the artistic look necessary to manipulate the superficial anatomy in a three-dimensional view, allowing to idealize a curvilinear and sculpted body model.

4 – Acquire experience in the surgical field through 4 hands on cases.

5 – Be able to offer better results to your patients and become a reference.





Evolution is the word that defines High Definition Lipo Total Definer. Being a Total Definer Master Certified Plastic Surgeon, in addition to being an honor, evidences for patients and other doctors who are constantly seeking to learn, improve and not lose the chance of developing for a me higher advanced stage in liposuction.

Dr. Rodrigo Reis – 4rd edition of TOTAL DEFINER BRAZIL

I participated of the 4th edition of Total Definer Brazil training where I could learn from Dr. Alfredo Hoyos all the theory and practice of the basic, advanced and fundamental principles of high definition liposuction. After the training – and only with it – I was able to reproduce in my patients all that I’ve learned about high definition lipo, with the certainty that I could never do that without this personalized training, changing my practice and surgical clinic in this liposuction.

I recommend the training to anyone who wants to take the high definition lipo to another level !!!

Dr. Danilo Furlan – 4rd edition of TOTAL DEFINER BRAZIL

It’s amazing how we can stimulate something with ultra-systematized knowledge and technique! This is the secret behind Total Definer! Liposuction may seem simple because of its concept of carefully extracting fat from the subcutaneous layer to decrease localized fat. However, it is not so when you see far beyond! When viewed broadly, anatomically, dimensionally, dynamically and with concepts such as lights and shadows, and better mastery of the superficial and deep layers of fat, a vast field opens up where science, ultrasonic technology, and surgical technique hold hands to truly create what is liposuction! It really changes everything the surgeon can do with a liposuction cannula in his hands renewed and hands-on trained! From the point of view of clinical practice, creates a new space because the professional immediately stands out from the ordinary to the refined and specialized, being the reference not only for patients but for fellow doctors as well! Total Definer is made for those seeking excellence in art and surgical practice! The rest is consequence!

Dr. Flávio Quinalha – 3rd edition of TOTAL DEFINER BRAZIL

With great pride I am next to the “name in PLASTIC SURGERY”, talking about Liposculpture. This master made me really learn what a High Definition Liposuction is. Surely the training was a “watershed” in my life and certainly Dr. Hoyos will teach many plastic surgeons to do things that no one imagines.

Dr. Ícaro Samuel Pedroso – 3rd Edition of TOTAL DEFINER Brazil

My name is Guillermo Di Biasio, I’m an Argentinian Plastic Surgeon. I am really delighted and pleased with Total Definer training. As expected, it exceeded my expectations about liposculpture in men and women. I would like to thank Dr. Alfredo Hoyos and the whole team for providing us this experience and also for transmitting all his knowledge about High Definition Lipo in order to improve our skills in this plastic surgery expertise.

Dr. Guillermo Di Biasio – 2nd Edition of TOTAL DEFINER Brazil

Hello everybody! I am Dr. Eduardo, a Brazilian plastic surgeon. I would like to thank Dr. Hoyos and his team for the outstanding course. The technique is amazing, it has changed my way of performing plastic surgery and lipoplasty. It is a breaking point, a big change in my business. It’s not just about how to perform plastic surgery or lipoplasty, it’s a whole view of business, how to understand marketing and how to improve your business and your practice. So I would like to thank again Dr. Hoyos. Thank you!

Dr. Eduardo Raulino – 1st Edition of TOTAL DEFINER Brazil

What I saw today is indescribable. It’s a very beautiful thing, it’s something that you have to see to believe. This changes the whole concept that you have of liposuction until today, changes the paradigm, changes the way of thinking and seeing a liposuction in body contouring. Dr. Hoyos does a spectacular job and I’m leaving this course more motivated. I want to be able to practice and offer my patients what I saw today.

Dr. Antônio Rinaldi – 1st Edition of TOTAL DEFINER Brazil

I am Dr. Filipe Fuzinatto, a plastic surgeon, and I performed Total Definer Brasil Training. What I have to tell you is that the course is fantastic, full of emotions. You will have a full contact with the technology, a complete hands-on. experience. Dr. Alfredo Hoyos is an artist, he has a lot of talent and what he teaches, certainly, changes the paradigms of liposuction. Thank you Dr. Hoyos, thanks Total Definer team!

Dr. Filipe Fuzinatto – 1st Edition of TOTAL DEFINER Brazil

I cannot begin to tell you what I learned has changed my practice. I learned to think about the body in a much more artistic and natural fashion. I am able to remove far more adipose issues than i could before in any given area. Prior to your course, I had not performed fat transfer, now it is an integral part of almost every procedure I perform. My results keep getting better and my patients love the results. I have an incredible competitive advantage because no one else on Long Island is capable of doing this and matching my results.

Dr. Mark Epstein

I use the ultrasound liposuction for two years and I have a great conviction about the technique. Before I went to Bogota to perform the course of Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, I tried to seek for scientific basis and professional maturity. I got there with a certain level of technical discernment, however this course has changed my life professionally. I had never imagined the refinement of this technique that the teacher invented, the total definer lipo in men and women. The idea is technically spectacular and creative and many times we can’t even express in words.

Dr. Felipe Massignan

The difference between this hands-on course and many others, is that Dr. Hoyos was a sculptor before a Plastic Surgeon. He has a unique ability to close the gap between body form and liposculpture and technology. One not only learns this specific technique, but the benefits from the vision to improve all body surgical procedures. I highly recommend the experience.

Dr. Barry Dibernardo


In Brazil TOTAL DEFINER training is organized by Núcleo Avançado em Cirurgia Plástica through a partnership with TOTAL DEFINER By Alfredo Hoyos since 2016.

Dr. Felipe Massignan and Dr. Filipe Fuzinatto are the technical directors of Núcleo and Dr. Alfredo Hoyos’ partners.